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Bizarre Facebook Related Crimes

By: AAMIR On: 9:53 am
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  • Social networks can be dangerous. Your personal life put on display to your friends on social network can give them too much right over your data. However, some internet laws help you save your privacy, to an extent. You can do some jail time for some crimes committed online. Here are some of the most bizarre and ridiculous Facebook related crimes.

    1. Arrested for Poking on Facebook

    Violating a restraining order is a bad thing, even if you do it on Facebook. Shannon Jackson from Tennessee did just that. She was prohibited phoning, contacting or communicating in any way with the petitioner. This act is punishable with 11months and 29 days of incarceration. No matter how virtual it may seem, the one who break the law in this way ought to pay $2500.

    2. Arrested for pretending to be someone else

    Bizarre Facebook Related Crimes
    Pretending to be a celebrity is a trend on facebook. There are thousands of pages that have been allegedly opened by celebrities. However, all of them are fake. But pretending to be a king is something else. In 2008 the Moroccan Government arrested a man who pretended to be the brother of King Mohamed IV on Facebook. The 26-year-old Fouad Mourtada was arrested and charged with “villainous practices”.

    3. Arrested for Posting Photos

    Bizarre Facebook Related Crimes
    Mark Musarella, an emergency worker got arrested for posting photos on his Facebook profile. But those were no ordinary photos. He has posted photos of a beaten and strangled woman, Caroline Wimme. He was later sentenced to 4years in jail and 200 hours of community work. He later lost his emergency medical technician license.

    4. Convicted for Decapitating a mouse and posting a footage

    Bizarre Facebook Related Crimes
    A young woman from Queensland used a kitchen knife to decapitate a mouse’s head and then filmed it and posted it on Facebook. The mouse took 40 seconds to die. Naomi Anderson, 23, pleaded guilty to the charge animal cruelty and avoided jail time. She received 18-months good behavior bond and had to do 180hours community work. It all happened in July 2011.

    5. Trying to Hire a Hitman on Facebook

    Bizarre Facebook Related Crimes
    Corey Christian Adams, a nineteen-year-old has tried to hire a hitman on Facebook to kill the woman who had accused him of rape. He accepted the plea agreement on charges of rape, criminal solicitation of murder and faces 11 to 22 years in jail.