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Pictures of the man too handsome to stay in Saudi..

By: AAMIR On: 5:40 pm
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  • THE internet is awash with speculation that one of the men deported from Saudi Arabia for being “too handsome” is a fashion photographer from Dubai.

    Omar Borkan Al Gala is rumoured to be one of three hunky tourists arrested at a cultural festival in the Saudi capital Riyadh last month.
    Omar Borkan Al Gala
    Model pose ... Omar
    A local newspaper reported barmy officials were concerned the men were so sexy women would find them irresistible and would be tempted to break the country's strict laws.
    Saudi women are required to stay covered up at all times and are banned from speaking and interacting with men who aren’t their relatives.
    Sexual contact with a man outside marriage is punishable by whipping and sometimes even death.
    Omar Borkan Al Gala
    Got the hump? .... fashion photographer Omar is rumoured deportee
    The smouldering Arabian has done little to quell the rumours, posting a link to the news coverage on his Facebook page.
    As well as describing himself as a ‘fashion photographer, actor and poet’ he has posted a series of glamorous photos showing him in a variety of poses.
    Omar Borkan Al Gala
    Making a point ... Omar
    With his designer stubble, cheesy grin and eyeliner, the ‘ridiculously good-looking’ man is a dead ringer for fashion model Zoolander.
    Derek Zoolander
    Ridiculously good-looking ... Zoolander

    Source :The Sun